3 Reasons Why Your Retail Signage Is Not Working and What to Do About It

If you own a retail store, you may be familiar with making decisions about promotional signage. It is an essential part of life for most business owners. Yet, when you think about it, it is strange that so many take on the job without any expert advice.

Graphic design, print media, and commercial photography are all disciplines which take years to master.  So, to guarantee success, business owners should at least consult with a professional design agency. There are several companies producing high-quality retail signs in Colchester, and they can help you to get it right first time.

This guide to some of the most common reasons why retail signs fail will give you some advice on how to improve your own.

They Read Like a Novel

While your signs are not going to give War and Peace a run for its money anytime soon, they are probably still far too verbose. It is the most common reason why front-of-house marketing fails. It is tough to get your message across in a handful of words, but if you use more than this, people will ignore them. All of the best retail signs in Colchester are short and sweet.

In fact, most contain nothing but a company name and a telephone number. The more you can convey with graphic design elements, the more successful it will be. There are plenty of examples to be inspired by. The Tesco logo screams practicality and efficiency. The Virgin logo resembles a signature, so it comes across as relaxed, but also hints at authenticity.

Fancy Fonts Hide the Text

Similarly, over-elaborate font choices are big faux pas. So many retail businesses do not take the time to test their signage before they give the go ahead. All you need to do, if you are not sure if the text is easily readable from a distance, is hang up a prototype design and see if you can make out the words as you walk by the sign.

If you cannot read it within a few seconds, the font either needs to be changed or the spacing and arrangement. Simple, basic fonts are always a more successful option. Also, think about how the words are going to look against the chosen background. The colour combinations have to be right, or they will disappear at a distance. For instance, green text on an orange background is hard on the eyes.

They Are Not Perfect

While a sign alone won’t guarantee you success – there are many elements which need to be right for a retail business to thrive – it can have a big impact on foot traffic. So, it is worth taking the time to get it right. It is always best to work with a professional designer, if possible because they know how to make retail signs in Colchester pop.

Plus, handing over your design ideas to a professional means that you are not responsible for the little things. You do not have to worry about missed typos, squashed graphics, or disappearing text. It is the job of a designer to perfect each detail, which is why you should work with a local company. The ideal design team is passionate about your proposal but also willing to tell you if there are elements which changing.

For more tips and advice on creating great retail signs, visit EnviroSigns today. Or, call 01206 845 515 to speak to a designer and discuss signage options for your business.

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