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The Long Term Benefits of Investing in Promotional Vehicle Graphics

For businesses in Colchester, brand is everything. Sending the right message to consumers is an essential part of building up and sustaining a strong market presence. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this. As every enterprise is different, they all benefit from different strategies, but the goal is always the same – to convey strength and stability.

Print promotion is a big part of this, because we are still heavily reliant on it for information, despite living in such a digital world. There is a reason why you still see billboards and print advertisements on the sides of bus in Colchester. This type of public exposure is very effective and vehicle graphics and van signs are just another way to capitalise on it.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of vehicle graphics and why they are fast becoming a hot new trend for marketers in 2017.

They Offer Maximum Exposure

High quality promotional van signs are a great marketing idea, because they have the potential to reach a huge amount of people. The average motorist starts driving at seventeen and spends around two years of their life behind the wheel. Unfortunately, the realities of modern routines mean that a significant portion of this time is stationary, in traffic jams.

While this is a major frustration for drivers, it is also an opportunity for businesses. If you’re going to get stuck in traffic anyway, you might as well use the time to introduce people to your brand. Vehicle graphics allow you to get the message out there just as effectively whether you’re waiting in a tailback or making deliveries. No other media can infiltrate this space.

They Are Entirely Reusable

The thing to remember about traditional media like posters, leaflets, and flyers is that you only get one shot at success. Once you’ve distributed the materials, they’re out of your hands. They’ll either end up hanging around somewhere useful or they’ll be quickly discarded. This is why flyering has to be done in such mass quantities to make a difference.

Van signs, on the other hand, are usually recyclable. The best graphics are weather proof and can be peeled off and reapplied. So, you can switch them between vans and update the brand message whenever you like. This makes them great value for money as well. These adhesive decals are affordable and inherently flexible. You control how they’re used.

Word of Mouth Is Valuable

For local businesses in Colchester, van signs are a key marketing asset. They capitalise on the fact that, within neighbourhoods, word of mouth promotion is very powerful. People do pay attention to the promotional graphics they see on their streets, outside their favourite shops, and besides them as they drive to work.

At any one time, your van graphics will be reaching people who have a particular need, a need that your company can fulfil. They might have been wondering how to solve a problem for days or even weeks. Then, they see your deal or offer and take down your number. You’ve bagged yourself a sale and you didn’t have to do anything but park your vehicle.

For information on where to find high quality van signs in Colchester, click here to visit Envirosigns. Or, call 01206 845 515 to speak to an advisor and request a cost estimate.

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