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The Importance Of Getting Your Commercial Sign Right

When you are operating or running a business, however large or small getting the commercial signs right are an important and vital key to success. By using both creative, attractive and even interactive signs your business can stand apart from the rest. A sign can help sow the seeds for future customers because a good sign will stick in peoples mind. Think of all those billboard signs, bus stop signs, window ads and even moving signs that you can remember. Think about what made them stand out, was it the words or the colour? A good sign will stick and that means a possible increase in profits.

The Function of the Sign

Think about what function your sign will have. Are you promoting a service or a product? Are you trying to draw people to buy something, use something or visit somewhere. Do you want to encourage impulse buyers or are you looking for an interior sign that will lead customers to another product or service. It is important that you make a list of what you are trying to achieve by having a store sign, an advert sign or an interior sign. By understanding the function of the sign you can go on to create a sign which will be of use. 

Different Types of Signs

Think about all the different types of signs that are available. You can have light up signs, interactive signs, ground-mounted, building-mounted signs and even road side signs. Think about the market you are aiming for and then go on to choose characteristics of the sign which will match your market. For example if you want children to see the sign, place it where children go, by a school or outside a sweet shop. Add colour and lighting to draw that particular market in. If you are selling a product or a service that is specific to drivers then choose a large sign by the road side. 

The Benefits of A Sign

If your company has limited funds available for advertising using signs can be a cost effective way to market something. A sign can be seen all day, all night, every day of the year and it therefore has a continuous effect. A recent statistic has shown that if you were to produce an online advert that would reach one thousand customers it would in effect be more expensive than using a sign. By using signage to market your business you are also making your business known which is great for those small businesses just starting up. 

How To Get It Right

When designing your sign don’t make it too busy. Some of the best and most memorable signs are simple and bold. Don’t let your viewer get confused with what you are promoting. It is sometimes a good idea to interact with the viewer, if you have a sign as an advertising purpose then interact with the viewer through a questions. For example, are you looking for our services? 

Don’t be afraid to design something different and quirky, you don’t need to always choose the traditional way. It is important you really get a sign right because it could be the make or the break of your company.

Let your creativity run wild and look at other famous signs for inspiration if you don’t know what to do. 


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