Information Signs - Covid 19

Information Signs to Display Around The Office During COVID-19

Information signs are one of the most effective ways of passing on essential information. Since language evolved, we have been providing information through sign printing. In these challenging times, this has now become more important than ever.

During the current pandemic, it’s doubly essential for businesses to keep their staff and visitors safe. Information signs are a tried and tested method of doing just that. Here at Envirosigns we are experts when it comes to sign printing. We offer a wide range of internal signs for every kind of sector in every kind of style.

Keeping your business COVID-free

The UK Government and its medical advisors have issued guidelines to help stop the spread of coronavirus. There are three main elements to this advice: washing your hands, keeping a safe distance and wearing a mask. Although this doesn’t make you immune, it has been shown to reduce the risk. So, it is vitally important that people stick to these rules when entering business premises. The best way to ensure this is via sign installation.

Wash your hands

One of the most effective ways to keep COVID at bay is to wash your hands. Some companies are providing hand sanitizer stations in reception areas; these should be highlighted with signage. Reception signs send clear messages to people as soon as they enter the building. Directional signs for washroom facilities should also be in place.

In washroom areas, there may be additional sign installation on how best to wash your hands. Government guidelines suggest you should wash with soap and water for 20 seconds. In these situations, signs with graphic illustrations may be useful.

Keep a safe distance

The Government advice is to stay at least 2 metres (3 steps) away from each other. This applies to anyone you don’t live with or share a support bubble with. Distancing can be especially difficult in business premises and offices, where our natural inclination is to work closely together.

Information signs are a simple and effective way to help remind people. Again, signs featuring graphic illustrations could be beneficial. Make sure they are displayed in prominent areas and easy to see. Floor signs indicating safe distances are also a good idea. They provide a physical marker for your employees and visitors to adhere to.

Wear a mask

While masks are not COVID-proof, they reduce the risk of you passing on the virus if you cough or sneeze. Stipulations on wearing masks will vary from business to business. If you’re requesting people to wear masks while moving around a building, this should be reinforced with information signs. How you word your request will be up to you. However, a simple graphic design of a mask may be all that’s needed to remind people.

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